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Service Options

Service Options

Several service and maintenance options are available from each of our Rig Pro service centres or via our mobile team of experienced technicians. These include rig inspections, the intermediate service, or the full service. All our Rig Pro centres also provide a full range of cordage and hardware.

Rig inspection

Each rig inspection is conducted by an experienced technician and comprises the following steps with the mast in and still fully rigged.

  • A full mast and rig inspection from top to bottom, reviewing key areas such as the sheaves, pins, spreader roots and tips, backstay, forestay and runner tangs.
  • Update rig log-book
  • Issue report of recommended maintenance to yacht’s representative(s)

This is the type of inspection performed on an America’s Cup boat after every race and should be performed on all craft after any major passage, or at least once a year regardless of age or usage.

Intermediate service

The intermediate service is conducted by an experienced technician and comprises the following steps with the mast in and still fully rigged.

  • A full mast check, from top to bottom, as for the rig inspection
  • “Jacking” the rig down
  • Lubricate all fittings that can be accessed while the mast is still in the yacht, such as the cold heads
  • “Jacking” the mast up and ensuring all rig tensions are correct with the spar correctly centred
  • Re-tune mast and rigging
  • Update rig log-book
  • Issue maintenance report to yacht’s representative(s)

Full service

A full service comprises the steps and is an excellent option to be completed on an annual basis for racing yachts and heavily-used cruising yachts.

  • Check the entire rig thoroughly pre-service
  • Unstep the mast, then dismantle it
  • Rigging rods are tested using non-destructive techniques such as dye or ultrasound testing
  • Thorough inspection of all other mast components including any composite rigging which is tested according to safe working load (SWL) parameters
  • Evaluate test results and observations before discussing any required repairs with yacht representataive(s)
  • Make all necessary repairs, reassemble and re-step mast
  • Mast and rigging re-tuned
  • Conduct sea trial, adjust mast tuning if needed
  • Update rig logbook

For those thinking of buying a yacht, a rig survey of this type is a wise investment and an excellent start to a comprehensive maintenance programme.

Cordage and hardware

Rig Pro centres supply an extensive range of cordage and hardware, with the inventory varying between sites according to demand.

Whether you’re looking for new sheets and guys, halyards or dock lines, or specific hardware items, our products will meet your high performance racing, one design, or cruising needs.