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Mast Maintenance Programmes

Mast Maintenance Programmes

Maintenance is the foundation of any well-managed yacht and the rig is no exception.  The concept behind our mast maintenance programmes (MMP) is straight-forward – have your mast and rig serviced on a regular basis, keep an accurate record of the service history and receive timely reminders for future services.

The Mast Maintenance Programmes service work is performed by fully-trained experts in the field who have access to Southern Spars’ technical expertise along with the latest developments on spars and components. For Southern Spars-built rigs, the technicians also have access to all design information including sea trial data which enables a totally integrated approach to managing your rig’s maintenance programme.

The Mast Maintenance Programme is about:

  • Maximising the safety and enjoyment of your yacht
  • Protecting the resale value of a mast
  • Ensuring your rig performs to the standards it was designed for
  • Gaining access to Southern Spars extensive knowledge on mast dynamics
  • Providing a global service for customers
  • Being kept up to date with latest rig developments